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Passionate about creating sacred community

I am an educator, facilitator, life-coach. My heart is to build sacred community. I say sacred because to me sacred is something deeply important, valuable treasure, being used as the Creator designed it to be used. I say community because we were designed to be connected, inter woven in other peoples lives to bring forth our story and the stories of the community.  Also, God is bigger than we can understand on our own and it's through community especially those who see God differently that we do, allows us to unlock an area we had not seen.

I like to see people discover rich transformative content and build meaningful relationships.

This is me.

I am trained in the following areas that helped lead me to this spot, build my philosophy and govern my actions:

Hebrew student since 2018: to learn is to ask better questions that lead myself and others deep….into the sacred text, into themselves and into community. Mentored by Reb Alan Ullman. Learning the language from Reb Rachmiel Langer.

Life-coach since 2016: trust that the Spirit is already at work in the person in front of me and they are the expert in their own life.  My job is to listen to the Spirit so I can ask the good questions that allows them to bring forth what the Spirit is already doing.

Educator since 1996: to draw out, or lead out.  If I help people wrestle it out of themselves the learning is more powerful and transformative.

Facilitator since 1994: to create an experience that allows for fresh perspective.  If I can trust the group to combine knowledge and skill to accomplish and experience something larger than they could on their own, they will leave changed.

If you are still reading and want to know more:

I was a pastor’s kid and had parents that loved God and all people really well, even those that were messy and difficult. That allowed me to receive and pass on love even when I was messy and difficult. I was a missionary kid, and grew up in Kenya and Tanzania. That led to me enjoying traveling and learning from people different from myself.  Being able to see through other people’s eyes, be in their shoes, and experience that joy doesn’t come from circumstances or material possessions have been great gifts to me.  I am a trained educator and taught a 3-5th grade in a combined classroom to a diverse population from 12 countries living in Japan.  I have worked in Special Ed programs and taught remedial math in a large city middle school.  Most of those students in that Math class didn’t qualify for my class by mid-year because they had learned to think differently about themselves and learning.  The problem became apparent, there wasn’t a path out of the program for them, because no one had ever excelled once the shame of “remedial” had set in.  I taught in an AVID program removing shame from underprivileged students and equipping them for college and professional careers.  Then to my delight I co-taught a preschool program in a rural town and was reminded of the importance of play and laughter to the soul.

I went to college at BSC, MSU-Morris, and VCSU. Trained as a corporate trainer and facilitator at VCSU. I amertified as a life-coach with AG Coaching and International Coaching Federation.

Your thoughts, opinions, experiences, perspectives are all important to helping build sacred community. So head over to the events and register.

Lets find a session that works for you

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